Grand Haven Suffers Second Domestic-Terror Attack of 2015

Domestic-Terror-articlepicAn explosion last night in a Grand Haven public restroom, which shattered windows and woke residents as far as half a mile away, is today being treated as an act of domestic terrorism by officials from Grand Haven Public Safety and Homeland Security. The blast, which occurred at 2:47 a.m. local time, gutted the public restroom building at Chinook Pier, which is adjacent to a complex of delightful retail stores, a marina, and one of the Midwest’s premier mini-golf courses. As of this afternoon, there have been no officially reported casualties, but an F.B.I. Forensics Team continues to search through the rubble, both for possible victims and for clues that might lead to the perpetrator(s) of this heinous act of terror. By 6:00 am, residents were being advised that Grand Haven’s Homeland Security Office had raised the Lakeshore Terror-Threat Level from Robin’s Egg-Blue to Chartreuse.

After an early breakfast at local eatery Dee-Lite, Authorities, Officials and Investigators established a Command Post near ground-zero, where an 11:00 a.m. press conference was held for the assembled media, in full-view of the now ruined urinary & intestinal evacuation-facility. Grand Haven Public Safety Captain Floyd Heywood was visibly shaken by what he’d seen of the restroom’s remains, describing the experience as “Something no one should have to see, there are shards of shattered porcelain everywhere, and the stench is indescribable”.

Details about the exact nature of the explosive device used in the attack are not being released by Authorities, but Captain Heywood confirmed the lack of any known casualties, and addressed rampant rumors and accusations sweeping Facebook and Twitter, suggesting the incident is related to the ongoing and emotionally-heated controversy over Grand Haven’s Dewey Hill Cross, and the divisive question of whether it should stay or it should go – not to mention the legal cross-fire of threats and lawsuits between opposing forces and The City of Grand Haven. “The Forensics investigators have only been on-site for five hours, and they’re still examining and gathering evidence”, said Heywood, “and while we are investigating any and all possibilities, we currently have no information whatsoever to suggest that either the pro-Cross or anti-Cross groups are behind this incident.” Authorities expect to have more specific details at their next press conference, scheduled for 8:00 am tomorrow morning, in front of the Morning Star Cafe on Washington Street in Grand Haven’s Center Town.

For a town that, until recently, was considered so safe that its Police Department could be replaced by a Department of Public Safety, last night’s bombing will further challenge a community which had slowly begun to rebuild and heal from the devastation and trauma caused by a domestic-terror attack on February 8 of this year. No one in Grand Haven can forget the events of 2-8, when a man phoned in a bomb-threat and only minutes later drove his truck through the front-gate of Grand Haven’s Coast Guard Station, where he entered the building and assaulted Station personnel. The unarmed and verbally-abusive terrorist was subdued, but the steel front-gate was destroyed almost beyond recognition, nearby neighborhoods were cordoned off, and witnesses at the time described the malicious forced entry as “horrifying” and “pure evil”. Only last week, the 2-8 Memorial Foundation unveiled its plans for a commemorative sculpture in Central Park. It remains to be seen whether the Foundation will alter its plans to reflect the tragic events of last night, and its Chairman, David Bowman, has so far been unavailable for comment.

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