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Don't miss a Tweet that might help save your life!!

While StormTeam8 is busy saving us from rain and lightning and high winds, The Grand River Times is making sure you don't miss #hashtag news that could change how you view your world, your life, and everything in it!
Okay, that's overstating the case - which is probably our insecurity showing, because we know, deep-down, that we'll never be as important to your life as StormTeam8...But we can still try! Even as you read this, our technicians hunker in the bunker of our R&D Labs, creating entertaining or useful Twitter-Feed-Arrays (TFAs) using cutting-edge WordPress widgets, very complicated plug-ins, and custom CSS Style Sheets in ways that could only be accomplished by people with little real experience and no formal training. But we don't believe in hiding the light of mediocrity under a bushel, so if you know of good hashtags that apply to current happenings happening currently in the lakeshore area, we might change our Tweet-Tracker to follow them.
You can also contact us if you, as an individual or group, would like us to host your own tweet-tracker (on its own page) to follow the hashtags or @usernames most relevant to your event or the very least you should think about following us on Twitter so you don't miss the things you shouldn't miss.
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