It’s Nearly Time for the Return of The Times…

It feels like we’re getting very close to bringing back The Grand River Times.

With Peter Tungsten now on board, we finally have someone who can start looking into local Sports stories, and the team working on our website reported this morning that they could be ready to ‘flip the switch’ and roll out our first edition by the end of today.

The timing could hardly be better, as this weekend also marks the annual Kite Festival taking place at the Grand Haven State Park, and after the incredible incidents at last year’s Festival, and the ensuing scandal which made headlines for months, media coverage is intense, with live broadcasts from local television crews, FOX News, ABC News and NBC News.  Even CNN has stopped looking for the missing Malaysian airliner long enough to cover the Kite Festival.  I’ve sent both Sandi and Jerome to cover today’s events, but unless our website gets up and running soon, we’ll be mere bystanders to the media frenzy.  Fingers crossed.

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