Kent County Invokes 1930 ‘Magnitude Protection Act’ Over Magnitude of Pothole Problem

pothole-magnitude-storyAmidst a growing public outcry over the magnitude of Kent County’s pothole problem, and the generally substandard condition of its roads, Kent Count Commissioners voted last night to officially invoke legal protection under the State of Michigan’s 1930 Magnitude Protection Act.  A press release issued by County Officials this morning states:

“The magnitude of our most recent problem has now reached such a magnitude that we have chosen to invoke the protections offered municipal principalities by the State’s Magnitude Protection Act of 1930.  Section XXIII, Article IV of this Act states that once a municipal-problem in a legally incorporated municipality, duly recognized by the State of Michigan as such, reaches a degree of magnitude such that its magnitudinal ramifications could imperil the local citizenry, or induce in them such rage that associated increases in pulse and blood pressure place their coronary-health in jeopardy. Under these circumstances, but subject to the exceptions and exclusions contained in Amendment Three, Section VIII of this Act, the referenced municipality shall have the right to ignore any questions regarding the magnitude of said problem, as such ‘problem’ has been previously defined herein; and said municipality may, when under extreme duress from public pressure, employ the option of denying the ‘problem’ ever existed in the first place.  Therefore, effective immediately, Kent County no longer has a pothole problem.”

All attempts by The Times to contact County Officials have gone unanswered, or have been referred back to the Press Release issued this morning.  Incoming reports, as yet unsubstantiated, indicate that potholes continue to be seen or encountered in and around Kent County, despite the County’s denial that any such problem exists.  The Times will keep you informed of any developments in this story.

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