Our First Day – Thank You Very Much

Thank you to everyone for helping make our first full day such a good one.  So good, in fact, that our website crashed the servers hosting it.  Apologies to anyone experiencing a painfully slow website, but it’s now just after 2:00 am (May 19), and following a two-hour emergency Support-call, we’ve finished the migration of our site to what should be a more robust server.  They didn’t expect us to get 6,000 visitors and 25,000 page views in one day.  Neither did we.
We also managed to reach our first 100 Facebook Likes on the first day.  Now that our little server-crisis is over (hopefully), I could spare a few minutes to say thank you all very much for helping us to get going.  I hope we can keep going up from here, like Henry Pennoyer did in 1851.
Duncan J. Stuart III
The Grand River Times
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