Synchronized Pier-Jumpers Lobby For ‘Olympic-Sport’ Status

grand-river-times-pierjumpersThe Lakeshore Society For Pier-Jumping announced today that it would begin the formal application process with the International Olympic Committee, for having synchronized pier jumping recognized as an Olympic Sport.  LSFPJ spokesperson Anita Brookenheimer says the organization still has much work to do in convincing Olympic Officials, as well as the public at large, that synchronized pier-jumping is anything other than stupid fun.  “People may think it’s just a bunch of kids running and screaming and jumping off the pier, but that’s before they’ve seen it set to music, and before they’ve seen the jumpers in matching designer swimsuits”, says Brookenheimer, before adding, “It’s a completely different experience when you see the full performance of it, the sheer athleticism required to do it; and it’s so much more exciting than synchronized swimming could ever be.”

Brookenheimer and the kids know that having their passion officially sanctioned as an Olympic Sport is an arduous process than can take years, but these plucky area youngsters keep on jumping, undaunted in the face of their many challenges. In the accompanying photo, taken last summer (and exclusive to The Grand River Times), Grand Haven High School students are shown making a jump during tryouts for a production of ‘Invasion of the Buccaneers’, an original pier-jumping exhibition which Anita Brookenheimer plans to take on the road this summer, touring up and down the Lake Michigan shoreline.

[Editor’s note:  We at the Times urge local residents to support these talented and hard-working kids in any way you can.  Buy a box of cookies from them, or let them wash your car for $5 – we agree that pier-jumping is an underrated and overlooked sport, and the Grand River Times gives a big thanks to every one of these courageous athletes.]
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