Delays & Cost Overruns Force Local Woman To Suspend Self-Help Project

woman-self-help-storyIn a Facebook posting that surprised and saddened many of her 486 friends, family, and casual acquaintances, 39-year-old Bobbi Jo Lenmen has announced the temporary suspension of a two-year self-help program she began as a New Year’s Resolution in January 2013. Citing project delays and cost-overruns, the Forest Hills resident and mother of two wrote openly of the reasons for her decision, as well as her inner-thought process: “Although I will continue in my efforts to be a happier and more peaceful person, living fully present in The Now and calmly accepting everything that life throws at me with grace, equanimity and forgiveness, these efforts must now be limited to my spare time only. I hope this is only a temporary setback in my pursuit of total peace, joy, enlightenment and oneness with the entire Universe, but it has turned out to be much harder, more time-consuming, and much more expensive to achieve than I anticipated eighteen months ago. It’s not as easy as reading a dozen self-help books, watching every show that Oprah does, and posting hundreds of uplifting and inspirational messages on Facebook.”

Many of Lenmen’s friends were quick to weigh-in with Likes, Shares and supportive comments. “Don’t give up, Bobbi Jo, and remember that it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey”, wrote Julie P. “Don’t view this as a failure”, added Ashley M., “because the only real failure in life is in not trying.” “Don’t worry, Bobbi Jo, because this is just a stage in letting go, into total Surrender and Acceptance”, said Denise B., “Check out Wayne Dyer’s newest book; it’s really different than the other 28 he’s written, and this one really will change your life.” In a more down-to-earth vein, Tiffany S. commented, “I love your new profile pic, let’s go shopping and do lunch at the Club next week.”

In a telephone interview with The Times, Lenmen expressed appreciation and gratitude for all the support she’s received, and confirmed that she and Tiffany S. have a plan to meet next Tuesday at Rivertown Crossing. Not everyone supported her decision, however. Bobbi Jo has been unFriended by seven Facebook friends since making her announcement, but only one, Marianne F. was publicly negative about Bobbi Jo’s decision, writing, “Happiness is a CHOICE, Bobbi Jo. We CHOOSE to think positively or negatively, and we get the life we intend and visualize for ourselves. You’ve obviously decided to think negatively, and you’ll never be happy that way. Watch Oprah’s LifeClass on OWN tonight and please, please, reconsider your decision.”

“You definitely find out who your real friends are at times like this”, said Lenmen, “And I keep reading things about how you should only surround yourself with positive and supportive people, get rid of the ones who put you down and drag you down, so I unFriended Marianne, and I feel happier and more joyful already.”

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