Ehhhh…whatever YOU think…I don’t wanna fight about it

Just not in the mood.

I know an “Editorial” is supposed to make a statement, take a position on an important issue, attempt to sway your opinion in my direction.  But here at the Times we’re all so tired, and working round the clock to make the website “launch-worthy”… I just don’t feel in the mood to get riled up about something I can’t control or really do anything about.  No doubt we’ll express opinions along the way, and you’ll agree or disagree as we go, but right now, working on the new Grand River Times Tweet-Tracker is far more important to the future of humanity, anyway.

If you feel an immediate or pressing need for an argument right NOW, there are a million other places online that would be more fun for you.  And good luck changing hearts & minds, but If that feeling persists for more than four hours, please consult your physician.


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